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FAQ - Clip in hair Extensions - My Pink Vanity

Hair Extensions & Shipping & Delivery Question - My Pink Vanity

What are clip-in hair extensions and how are they attached?

Clip-in hair extensions are wefts of hair attached to small clips which open and close with a snap or click. The wefts are attached by layering each weft under your natural hair. Both wefts and clips are hidden, covered with your own hair- adding instant length, volume or both! With a little bit of practice, clipping the extensions in becomes rather easy and takes only a few minutes. Taking them off is even easier!

The perfect option if you are looking to transform your hair into beautiful long locks instantly. Unlike bonded, sewn, taped or glued extensions, clip in extensions can be removed at the end of the day. That means you can keep that cute short bob and clip in your long locks at any time! No commitment and for a fraction of the cost of permanent extensions.

Who can wear clip-in extensions; will my hair be long enough?

Clip-in extensions best suit hair that is shoulder length or longer. We recommend no shorter than 6 inches.

If your hair is shorter, very thick, or has choppy short layers you can still have the long beautiful hair our extensions provide. Many customers have had great results using multiple sets to adequately blend their hair with the extensions.

If you have medium length hair, you can add more length for super long locks. We offer 20, 22 and 24 inch lengths.

If you already have beautiful long hair, but it’s finer or thinner in texture, clip-in hair extensions are a great way to add beautiful volume and fullness to your hair.

If your hair has seen better days extensions help with that too. We've all had that less than flattering haircut, or gone a little too heavy with the bleach. If your hair is not in its best condition and is in need of some down time, clip in extensions can help get you through that awkward hair phase.

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I hear so much about remy hair, what is it?

Remy hair is real human hair and the cuticle layer (outer layer) of the hair is still intact. Also known as “ cuticle correct” human hair - this means special care is taken when collecting the hair. It is collected in a method where all cuticle layers are kept facing in the same direction from root to end. Just as our hair grows naturally. Remy hair is silky because the downward facing cuticles leave little amounts of friction, just as our natural hair. In non- remy hair the cuticles face different directions, the strands of hair become easily caught on each other. This causes friction, excessive tangles and matting. So, that’s the reason why remy hair is a highly sought after quality in human hair extensions. Locks by My Pink Vanity® clip in hair extensions are 100 percent Remy hair. We offer some of the highest quality extensions available for far less then other brands.   Only the best for our girls! 

How long do clip-in hair extensions last?

The life span of human hair extensions varies upon wear, treatment and care. How often they are worn, heat styled, and shampooed or if they are color treated will determine how they wear over time and when they will need to be replaced. This means your set could last months or years.

How much time does it take to clip in the extensions?

Putting in a full set only takes about 10 minutes- Not bad considering how long it may take to grow it that long!

The first few times you might want to play around and try different placements for your best blend into your natural hair. The more often you wear them the quicker you will get. If you would like to view our suggested placement click here.

How do I choose the fine/medium or medium/thick for my hair?

Good question! This is one of those things that comes to a matter of preference. A common concern for fine hair women is too much hair looking obvious. Our hair’s texture is not too coarse, selected for its' silky soft texture, it really blends nicely. Many of our finer haired ladies select the med/thick options to achieve a fuller, longer look and love it!

If you are new to clip ins it’s our suggestion to start by trying to match your natural hair thickness. It will feel the most natural and after adjusting to your new longer hair you can better decide if more is better for your next set!

If you need a second option when selecting your thickness, one of our stylists can help. Click here to email a few photos!

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How do I match my color?

If you are unsure which shade is right for you we can help! We have licensed stylists here at My Pink Vanity ready to play match maker just for you. 

To have a stylist match your color simply click here to attach a few photos.

How do I know how long the extensions will be?

The length of the hair, and where it will fall, vary on different people according to height. An easy way to see where about the length will fall- measure from the top of your ear down- 20, 22, 24 inches. Keep in mind that the extensions should be trimmed or cut for the best blend and most natural look.

See below for more trimming tips, or click here to peek at My Pink Vanity's® Length Guide

Can the clip-ins extensions be cut?

Yes! In fact, we recommend it for the best fit to your current style. For the best results we recommend seeing your hairstylist.

Cutting extensions takes certain technique, so be sure to ask your stylist if they have experience in cutting human hair extensions.

When removing length, point cutting or cutting ‘into’ the length works best if you’re looking to prevent choppy layers. You can cut the length to your sweet heart’s desire. Sharp shears with a slide cutting technique is recommended when adding layers or framing the face- this creates soft, feather-like layers. If you prefer choppy layers- a straighter cut creates harder lines resulting in a choppier look. Always remember you can take it off, but can’t put to back, so cutting a few times is the safest way to go!

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Can I color my extensions?

Yes! You can color your extensions to get the perfect match! Because extensions go through multiple processes to lighten and then deposit color, they do best when treated as colored/processed hair. Just as our own hair will become dry after multiple colorings, human hair extensions require the same consideration in deciding or formulating the new shade.

A deposit only dye- no higher than 10 volume developer is the most gentle process. Please keep in mind- the hair can’t be lightened, as it has already been lightened and re-bleaching the hair may leave it feeling dry or damaged. For best results your stylist is the way to go!

We recommend selecting the Caramel shade of Locks by My Pink Vanity® when the intent is to dye to match your current color formula, going darker. Whether you’re a vibrant coppery red, or the perfect shade of brown- If you have the perfect formula, your extensions can be colored for your perfect match!

The Caramel color was selected with color matching in mind. It has a warm base to match our hair's own naturally warm undertones. This helps to take color beautifully and “on tone” leaving little room for unwanted surprises (i.e: green or purple hair- resulting from coloring a too light hair shade that will show the dyes undertones or from miss formulation.) The added warmth will also save your stylist the time of pre pigmenting the extensions in order to achieve an on tone color match, in turn saving added time and expense.

If you are looking to custom color match your Locks by My Pink Vanity® to a pastel shade or are looking for overly cool results-  we suggest a light blond shade such as frost or champagne.

Both shades are a light pale blond that will allow a cool or pastel tone to show through. If your going pink, please be sure to tag #locksbyMPV in your pics! We love to see our Vanity girls in pink hair!

Can I wear extensions every day?

Absolutely! You might just find yourself getting accustomed to the quick, simple glamour of clip in hair. Many choose to purchase for a special occasion and once they realize how easy it is to put them on it becomes part of their daily hairstyle.

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Can I sleep in the extensions?

Sleeping in your extensions is not recommended. Should you find this necessary you can try a loose braid to the side. The issue is they can get tangled and need quite a bit of brushing. As with all extensions, the less brushing the longer the lifespan. And really, the beauty is being able to remove them at night. Ahhh sleep.


How soon will my order ship?

In-stock items ship within 48 hours Monday- Friday

Weekend orders ship on Mondays, excluding Holidays

How long does it take for delivery after placing my order?

Shipping is via United States Postal Services.

Delivery time within the US is 5- 7 business days.

Delivery to Canada varies, usually arrives between 5-14 business days but can take longer due to customs.

International delivery generally arrives between 7-14 business days but does vary and can take longer due to customs.

2 Day shipping is via FedEX and ships within 24 hours Monday- Friday and usually arrives the third day after shipment.

Where can I track my order?

You'll receive an email with your tracking number/info. Orders placed with USPS shipping can track here at usps.com. If you selected expedited shipping you can track here at fedex.com. You can also view the status of your order and find your tracking by logging onto your account here

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I am outside the US, will I have to pay customs duties/import taxes for International Deliveries?

We have many International customers and find it is uncommon that Customs will charge tax/duties. We rarely have issues and have been sending extensions to our vanity girls since 2010.

On the occasion of Custom charges tax/duties on the package, the recipient has responsibility for taxes/import duties in order to receive the package to their country.

Please contact us if you have other questions about International Delivery, we are here to help!

What if my package becomes lost?

My Pink Vanity pays to insure your package, we value our girls and want you to rest assured you are always taken care of! In the rare occasion your package becomes lost, we will enter a claim on your behalf in order to receive a refund for your item.

If you would like a new set of Locks by My Pink Vanity® shipped, we will take care of everything. Please email us here for help, or if you have concerns about your package.


We want you to love your hair! 

We offer the option to exchange or return unopened items within 14 days of receiving your order. Please have a peek at our Return and Exchange policy for details and instructions on how to request a return or exchange.

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