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What are clip-in hair extensions and how are they attached? TOP

Clip-in hair extensions are wefts of hair (a weft is strands of hair sewn together) that are attached to a small clip or row of clips, which open and close with a snap or click. The clips are snapped into place in a layering manner under your natural hair. The clips are not visible and blend your new long hair into your own. With a little bit of practice, clipping the extensions in becomes rather easy and takes only a few minutes. Taking them off is even easier.

Clip-in hair extensions add instant length and volume to your hair for a fraction of the price of permanent extensions. They can be added and removed instantly with relative ease.

Clip-in extensions are perfect if you want to turn your hair into beautiful lush locks instantly. Unlike bonded, sewn or glued extensions, clip in extensions can be removed at the end of the day. So with clip-ins you can keep that cute short bob and clip in long lush locks at anytime, or just whenever you'd like a different look for a few hours.

Who can wear clip-in extensions; how long should my hair be? TOP

Clip-in extensions best suit hair that is shoulder length or longer. We recommend no shorter than 4-6 inches. If your hair is shorter, very thick, or has choppy short layers you can still have the long beautiful hair our extensions provide. Many customers have had great results using multiple sets to adequately blend their hair with the extensions. 

If you have medium length hair, extensions can make it longer. If you have long but very fine hair, clip-in hair extensions are a great way to bring richness and fullness to your hair. We've all had that less than flattering hair cut, or gone a little too heavy with the bleach. If your hair is not in its best condition and is in need of some down time, extensions can help get you through that awkward hair phase.

How long do Clip-in Hair Extensions last? TOP

The life span of human hair extensions varies upon treatment and care. How often they are worn, heat styled, shampooed, color treated, etc. will also determine how they wear over time, and when they will need to be replaced. Human hair extensions go through multiple processes to lighten and deposit color to match your shade. Due to this they should be treated as colored/processed hair. Just as our own hair gets dry after multiple coloring, hair extensions need moisture added to keep them healthy looking as well as preventing tangling. We provide instructions on the basic needs for caring for your extensions.  Deep conditioning treatments shine or glaze treatments and products such as shine sprays, heat protectant and leave in conditioners are all great ways to prolong the life span of your "Locks by My Pink Vanity".

How much time does it take to clip in the extensions? TOP

Most people have no problems putting them in within 5-10 minutes. The more offen you wear them the quicker you will get. 

Not bad considering how long it may take to grow it that long.

What is remy hair? TOP

"Locks by My Pink Vanity" clip in hair extensions are 100 percent Remy hair. It is cuticle correct which means it was collected in a method where all cuticle layers are facing in the same direction from root to end. Just as our hair grows naturally. Remy hair is silky and does not tangle as easy as non- remy hair. This also ensures that the extensions will blend in very naturally when applied.

How do I choose the fine/medium or medium/thick for my hair? TOP

This really can be a matter of preference, as many fine hair women choose med/thick just to have a full head of beautiful soft hair.

I believe that for the most natural grown from your own head look, you should best match your natural hair texture/thickness.

You can gauge your hair texture/thickness by pulling it into a ponytail with an elastic band. If it takes more than 5 goes to get your hair secured tightly in the band, then you have fine hair. If you can only muster 2 wraps of the band then perhaps your hair is thick. Anything in between means your hair is medium. If you like to be absolutely you may wish to consult with your hairdresser.

How do I match my color? TOP

               What color?

We can help you to get the right hair color for you.

  1. Choose your color from our color chart.  If you should get the wrong color, that's okay: just send it back unopened, and we will send you the right color!

  2. Simply email us a picture of your hair and our very clever staff members will match the color for you!                                                                                                                   

How do I know how long the extensions will be? TOP

The length of the hair, and where it will fall, vary on different people according to height. A great way to see where the length will fall for you is to measure from the top of your ear down, 20, 22, 24 inches. Keep in mind that the extensions should be trimmed at least one inch, but can absolutely be cut to any length for your hair style.


Can the clip-ins extensions be cut? TOP

Yes! In fact, we recommend it for the best fit to your current style. For the best results we recommend seeing your hairstylist. When cutting the length point cutting or cutting into the length works best. A razor or shears with a slide cutting technique is recommended for smooth, feather-like layers as opposed to blunt choppy layers, unless that is the look you are trying to achieve. Cut the length to your desire or leave them just as they come. Please see our care instructions for recommendations you can print and take with you to your appointment.

Can I color my extensions? TOP

Yes! You can color your your extensions to get the perfect match! We recommend using a deposit only dye for the most gentle process, or no higher than 10 volume developer.  Please keep in mind, the hair can not be lightened, only darkened. For best results take your extensions to your stylist.

Note for custumers purchasing "Locks by My Pink Vanity" hair extensions with the intention of having them colored:  We reccomend the Caramel when the intent is to color to match, whether your a vibrant coppery red, or the perfect shade of brown. If you have the perfect color formula , your "Locks by My Pink Vanity" can be colored for your perfect match!

The Caramel color was choosen with color matching in mind. It has a warm base to match our hair's own natral undertones, it takes color beautifuly and will save your stylist the time of pre pigmenting the extenisons for an on tone color match.

How do I put in my extensions? TOP


The red is no-no area. Any extensions placed in this area may not have enough coverage of natural hair and have the possibity of being spotted. 


The blue area is safe for those with very thick hair,  shorter layers and whoever may need to go a little higher for better extension blending. If you attach in this area, backcombing is a great way to insure your natural hair stays put, covering the extensions.


The yellow areas are the ideal and mos common sections for hair extension placement. By wearing the extensions in these areas, you will have the most  coverage and extensions will not be visible.

If you are new to clip in extensions it is best to try different placments to see and feel the best fit.

Can I wear the extensions everyday? TOP

Absolutely! I do, and many of our customers wear them on a daily basis! You'll get accustomed to the simple glamour. Many choose to purchase for a special occasion and once they realize how easy it is to put them on it becomes part of their daily hairstyle.

Can I sleep in the extensions? TOP

Sleeping in your extensions is not recommended. Should you find this necessary you can try a loose braid to the side. The issue is they can get tangled and need quite a bit of brushing. As with all extensions, the less brushing the longer the lifespan. And really, the beauty is being able to remove them at night. Ahhh sleep.


Shipping TOP





United States USPS  $5.99

United States Priority Insured USPS  $9.99

$3.99 for each additional item.


Canada Priority Insured USPS  $24.99

$7.99 each additional item


International Priority Insured USPS $29.99

$ 7.99  each additional item.


Note for customers outside of the US:

There may be customs or import duties charged once the package reaches the destination country. These charges are paid by the recipient of the package. Please contact customs for questions regarding charges, tracking, and delivery time.


Shipping Disclaimer:  My Pink Vanity is not responsible for any packages lost or damaged during shipping due to circumstances beyond our control.  Should your package not arrive as expected, we will do our best to help you locate your package by providing any necessary tracking information or details. We provide the option to insure your package at checkout.


How long does it take for delivery after placing my order? TOP

Shipping and Delivery:

In-stock items ship within 24-48 hours Monday- Friday

Weekend orders ship on Mondays, excluding Holidays.

Delivery times vary but usually arrive 3-7 business days within the US.

International delivery including Canada may vary, usually 5-14 business days but can take longer due to customs.     

Back ordered/pre-ordered items

If a backorder occurs on your item(s),you will be contacted and entitled to be placed on a priority waitlist. We will promptly ship item(s) upon arrival. In addition we will inform and update by email with the estimated arrival date. If you do not want to be on a list  for the item backordered please contact us for prompt refund.


We understand...we get excited too!



Returns and exchanges TOP

Please read this policty throughly,  we want you to be happy with your purchases. Please contact us with any concerns you may have.

Unfortunately we do not accept returns.

"Locks by My Pink Vanity" hair extensions can be exchanged for a replacement within 10 days of receiving your order provided the following:

  • The extensions must not have been worn or tried on, show no signs of having been worn, are in 'as new' condition and in the original packaging as delivered. This is very important as we are unable to accept opened or tampered packages due to sanitary reasons. We have packaged our items in a clear sleeve making it convenient for you to color check them without opening. If you are unsure about your color let us know; we are here to help you make your color choice!
  • Please contact us requesting an exchange before sending back the hair extensions.  Include your name, order number, reason for exchange as well as requested replacement length, color and thickness. We want to be sure we have what you need in stock so as to not cause any inconvenice to you. In the case of requested excange color is out of stock, we will notify you. 
  • We reccomend shipping the extensions via insured mail. We are not responsible for a lost package.


NOTICE:  Federal law prohibits the return of human hair products that have been used and that includes "trying them on". Please be sure the color is correct before wearing them or trying them on.  (We know this is hard to resist) Used extensions CANNOT be exchanged (we can offer no exceptions). Please read the return policy thoroughly before making your purchase.

For all other products We offer a 14 day return policy. You are entitled to return your product(s) purchased within this time. If for any reason you are not satisfied with your product, you can return it to us for a full refund. We are unable to refund postage charges. Items not returned in original packaging or incase of damaged packaging may be subject to a repackaging fee.


I ordered and I recived an email that my color is back ordered, what does this mean? TOP

If a backorder occurs on your item(s),you will be contacted and entitled to be placed on a priority waitlist. We will promptly ship item(s) upon arrival. In addition we will inform and update by email with the estimated arrival date. If you do not want to be on a list  for the item backordered please contact us for prompt refund.

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