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Hair Extension Tips

Here you'll find some common hair care questions about your Locks by My Pink Vanity clip in extensions. If you have other questions, please contact us! We may add your question below! xo


How should I brush my clip in hair extensions?

You brush your hair extensions gently starting from the ends and continuing to the top. It is important that you use a detangling brush to gently detangle your extensions.

What brush should I use?

Around here we LOVE the Wet Brush. You can purchase them at Sally's or Amazon, and on many online stores. We find this brand the best as it will cause very little damage to the hair extensions or your own hair while you brush and detangle your hair. Other brushes may damage your hair cuticles or break the hair. We hope you'll like it as much as we do!

How do I wear my clip in hair extensions?

Click here to view My Pink Vanity's Clip In Guide- We hope it helps!

Can I straighten, curl or dye my hair extensions?

Yes, yup  and yeppers! That’s why girls love their clip-in hair! Treat them as your very own hair. Curl, flat iron, hot set, pin curl, do what you do and do a lot more with a lot more hair! We suggest a low heat setting in order to keep your hair looking great longer. But, don't be afraid to doll it up- another reason so many girls choose clip in extensions is the wonderful ability to toss them, and simply replace them with a new silky soft set. Wish it was that easy with our "real" hair!

How often do I wash my hair extensions?

You can wash your clip in hair extensions as often as needed. It all depends on how often you wear them.  At My Pink Vanity we suggest "less is more". The less you do the longer you will be able to wear your hair! For more washing tips, click here!

What products do I wash my clip in hair extensions with?

We suggest that It's more about the way you wash them rather than what you wash with... but the best of the best we have found is the Pureology Brand of shampoo and conditioner. What to stay away from? Shampoos that "bodify" or "add volume" as they contain harsher detergents that will dry the hair, and any "clarifying" shampoos, they also will strip out moisture- and that's what it needs! So words like "hydrating" or "moisturizing" are your best bet. But be sure to peek at how to wash your new favorite beauty item, for the best results!

How do I dry my hair extensions?

Let them air dry. That's really is the best for them. You can blow dry of course, if you're in a bind to get them dry, but please keep in mind that this will make them dry out faster. If you do use your blow drier on your clip in's, be sure you dry your hair extensions with the lowest setting on the dryer.

Can I go swimming with my hair extensions?

Well my dear. Yes, you sure can. However to keep you hair extensions in the best condition possible we don't suggest it!  My Pink Vanity recommends wetting the hair to damp, and adding some conditioner to the ends, then braiding your hair or putting it in a bun when in water. This will help to "fill" the cuticle with good stuff and keep drying chlorine or salt water out. But, our best suggestion is to have fun swimming! You can glam it up later. :)

Can I sleep with my hair extensions on?

Sleeping in your extensions is not recommended. Should you find this necessary you can try a loose braid to the side. The issue is they can get tangled and need quite a bit of brushing. As with all extensions, the less brushing the longer the lifespan. And really, the beauty is being able to remove them at night. Ahhh sleep.