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How to wash your clip extensions - MyPinkVanity 
Most hair professionals suggest "less is more" when it comes to human hair extensions.
But you're here because your clip-in's are in need of a wash!
Here's My Pink Vanity's Six Step Guide to cleaning your Clip in's!

  Step One:

Brush out each weft well with a detangling brush. Start with the ends working the way up. Dissolve a tablespoon or two of shampoo into a cup of hot water.

 Step Two:

Fill a bowl or sink with warm water. Add the shampoo/water mixture to the sink of warm wather. Place the extensions into the water, leave them in the shampoo mixture for 5 to 10 minutes.

Step Three:

Remove your hair extensions from the shampoo mixture and then thoroughly rinse the hair under warm water, being sure to hold the hair extensions at the top of the weft when rinsing. Rinse well.

 Step Four:

Once your hair has been rinsed thoroughly, lay the extensions out flat on a towel, gently blot out excess water. Apply a conditioning or repairing treatment to the hair extensions. You can fold the towel over the hair and leave sit for an hour or so, rinse the conditioner out well under cool water.

 Step Five:

Once you have rinsed your conditioner off, lay the extensions out flat on the towel, gently blot out excess water. Lay the hair on a new dry towel and leave them to dry naturally, all day or overnight.

Step Six:

Once your hair extensions have dried, starting at the ends of the hair carefully brush through using a detangling brush. Then you're done hun.

Your hair is ready to be styled; flat ironed or curled as you desire!

Have fun getting Dolled Up -Muah! XO